Jupiter's Insightful Cock

Love Tattoo Cliches

Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo of the word “Love” tattooed on their middle finger? It’s a “fuck love” vs. “I fucks with love” sorta thing. Whichever is in your favor is the side you can claim, but the fact that I was able to find a picture of it means it definitely overdone.

…Even though this one looks like a watercolor marker, but it portrays the same idea.

Indian Frogs

Why is it so hard to be a human with feelings? Whenever you start to like someone you try to keep your guard up and not let yourself fall for them completely, so why does that always end up failing in the end? After awhile you start to believe in your relationship and develop a certain hope for it, but in the end that belief and hope turn into regret and disappointment. You feel like you’ve wasted so much time on this hopeless situation and that it’s your fault that it happened because of course once again you’ve let your guard down. Sadly, in my situation this isn’t once again because this is my first real relationship. The second problem that I have is that I can’t actually call it a relationship because I was never officially with this person. 

  I know it sounds like I was some terrible booty call (and just because I used the phrase doesn’t identify my gender as female), but it was so much more than that. This person is actually the most amazing person I’ve ever met, but in reality the only one. Too bad the majority of people in their sane mind only want one thing and it’s definitely not long term (just cause it’s less stressful and painful). I feel like I won’t find another person even remotely close to the one I’m losing now and it’s such a devastating realization. I can’t help but ask myself questions like what happened to us and why did I lead myself down this path (the one they always warn you about)? 

They always say you can’t find the person you’re truly supposed to be with until you’ve kissed a couple frogs (male and female), but why must these froggy experiences be so painful? I wish finding the person you’re supposed to be with was as easy picking your favorite food. You know what you like, it’s just up to you to find it. Hopefully you and I don’t run into any more people that are living life like they’ve got Jupiter’s Insightful Cock.

Rain and a Large College Campus

Before college, rain was never a major problem when one went to school on any given day. In elementary school when it rained you just didn’t go out for recess. In high school and middle school, it wasn’t even an issue. When you get to college you better get the top of the line rain gear because you will be making some walks as long as 20 mins to get to a class that you’ll be sitting in for at least 50 minutes and sitting their soaking wet is anything but ideal. Finally don’t you dare leave your umbrella anywhere other than in your backpack because you will have made someones day when they find your sexy push open and close umbrella. I guarantee you that it will rain an absurd amount sometime in the following week, similar to the absurd downfall you could expect from Jupiter’s Cock.


A very unsuccessful game of pin the tail on the donkey at age something between 3 and 6…but who phrases this question like this?

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